what you really want to know…

What floral services do you provide?

We love any reason to create and celebrate. This includes weddings, elopements, dinner parties, anniversaries, editorials and styled shoots.

Do you have a minimum order requirement?

Nah! We will make ourselves available for intimate events, such as elopements, as well as larger events. There is never a required minimum.

Who is your ideal customer?

There is a florist for every client and we are aware everyone is not our customer. Our clients are flower lovers; not in the sense that you know all of their names, but in how you appreciate their beauty as much as the role they play in making an event pop. They aren't looking for a perfectly round bouquet, but seek something a little more liberated and free form.

Our clients know they can trust us to take their vision and turn it into something magical. They trust our process, style and taste. They want to see some colors and textures that reflect their vibe, vision and individual style. As a small studio florist, I will be the one greeting you, meeting you, responding to your questions and hand delivering your flowers on your special day. Throughout this floral journey we will naturally get to know each other, I might become your bff in your head . If you're looking for a down to earth, hard working, wine & music loving florist who just wants everyone to live their best life, I might be your girl.

How can I make sure my date is saved?

Once we have had a consultation and your heart is content with the proposal, we will both sign an agreement and you will provide us with a deposit. Don't worry, you can make changes to the proposal up to a few weeks before your event.

Be honest...How much do you charge?

It depends. There are SO many variables that go into the final cost, type of flower, color, time of year, size, quantity, location, etc. . Our full service weddings average around $3,500 (before tax)- which means we are doing the flowers for all aspects of the wedding (ceremony to reception.) Fill out the form on the Contact page and let's chat!

Do you participate in Styled Shoots, Editorials or Fundraising Events?

Absolutely! I love love love partnering with others! Shoot me an email of what you have in mind to hello@eclecticblooms.com

Please contact me if you have any additional questions.

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Welcome! I am Kira…an enthusiastic, self- taught florist with a love for people and having a good time. I LIVE for a memorable get together, can turn anything into a reason to celebrate and believe in experiences over possessions. I'm always dancing to music- whether it's aloud or in my head (shout out to Sonos & my Spotify playlist), candles are a must and it's never too early for a cocktail! I'm crazy about my husband- who provides just the right amount of realism when I’m being “extra.” He additionally helps me out from time to time with a number of things and takes care of the behind the scenes business stuff so I can continue creating amazing ish!

I am a different kind of florist- and I like to do my own thing rather than follow the traditional styles…I’m not afraid to try new things and I live by the saying “All they can do is say no”.

I see floral arranging as an art...call me Ki-casso (Get it?Kira, Picasso? Art? Did I mention my love for corny jokes? Ok, I digress) There are so many colors and textures that come together to paint your floral vision. There is inspiration EVERYWHERE such as your favorite bar, an Instagram photo or fabric from your favorite shirt.

Each event has its own vibe and my passion is to make yours shine through flowers. Let's create some magic!

If you're still reading this..you might just be our kind of people.